Videos have become an essential marketing tool that is used across all platforms, whether web or mobile. And it is crucial to create high-quality videos to appeal to the teeming viewers or audience. If you have been having a hard time creating good quality videos, do not stress out; this guide will set your feet on the path of creating topnotch videos that are clear, clean, well-shot, and audible.

While we cannot guarantee that this article will enable you to create videos of Hollywood quality, you will still be able to improve the quality of your videos significantly. Read the tips below for professional guides to create videos like videographers that will impress your audience with the tools you have, as you do not have to break the banks to purchase high-end video equipment.

1. Light Up

You need plenty of light to create clear and high-quality videos. It would be helpful if you could shoot your video during the day under the natural light (sunlight). Lighting is crucial to creating top-quality videos, and it is one of the top priorities during filming. If you cannot afford professional lighting equipment, take advantage of the free, natural light by filming in the morning when the light is soft.
If you are recording indoors, be mindful of the types of light you use and their placement. By all means, avoid overhead light, as it will cast shadows on the subject’s face. You can, however, throw open the windows to have the most natural light in the house.

2. Mind the Background

Plan and arrange the background against which you will film your videos. The background should not be in a shambles or look terrible, as it will distract viewers from your message. It would be better to film against a solid-coloured background. You can use a bedsheet and a large backdrop. However, you must ensure that the background is several feet away from the subject to prevent casting shadows on the background.

3. Record Clear and Audible Audio

The quality of your audio is as important as the video quality. The audio sets the tone for the video as the audience gets to know what the video is all about through the recorded sound. You should get an external microphone of moderate quality that you can use instead of the built-in microphone on the camera. Use a pop filter to get rid of crackles and blips from getting into the recorded audio. Also, prevent background noise.

4. Use a Tripod

Shaky footage is the hallmark of amateurish filming. Get a tripod to record your video – it ensures stable footage. If you want to record the entire session holding the camera with your hands, the video will be shaky.

The essentials of a good quality video include stable footage, clear audio, a beautiful background, and proper exposure. Follow the tips above and see the quality of your videos improved.