Whether you’re thinking of producing a video for internal training or promotional purposes, you’d always have multiple options. Choosing the right option will determine the quality of your video and how effective the video content will be. Videographers have agreed that corporate video production is the right way to go. However, that alone may not convince you, so let’s go through 5 benefits.  

1. Increased traffic for your brand

Videos have the most clicks on the internet, accounting for ⅔ of internet traffic. Meaning out of 100 internet users surfing through the web now, about 66 are watching a video on the internet. It could be on Youtube, Instagram, or any other video sharing platform. This shows that choosing a video for your advertising is more likely to attract more views, clicks, and most importantly, more customers. 

2. Brand Awareness

Video advertising is considered a lazy way to engage your audience. This is because video gets the attention of people easily and can be easily understood. To achieve this, make sure your video content is relatable, interesting, timely, and sparks an emotion in your target audience. To achieve this, find good videographers that are in tune with brand advertising. 

3. Videos get shared faster

People are constantly sharing videos with their families, friends, and social media contacts. Once an emotional connection is made, the average person’s response is to share it. Think about it; you’d share a video before sharing a link. And even when you share a link, people are likely going to ignore it but that resistance is lower when it comes to videos. Also, every social media platform now supports video content.

4. It explains things better

If you’re planning a training session for your staff or coworkers, then using videos might be the most effective way to go. A video doesn’t only explain, it also shows how it is being done. The human mind tends to remember images faster than words. Also, you could share a training video with various branches or reuse it for new staff. 

5. Less cost.

Since video content can be shared on various platforms, it means you need only one advertising or training content. So, instead of creating different types of content for the different social media platforms, you could simply use a video. Good videographers know how to produce videos that fit into various platforms and their respective audiences. Also, since a video can be easily reused, it means you never have to produce the same video again at a later date.