You may have made several resolutions for the New Year. Why not consider upgrading your condo and give it a new, exciting look. A makeover is sure to make heads turn. You may think that renovations are costly. But the truth is that it is very much possible to upgrade your condo within your budget. 

5 ways to give your condo a new look

  • Pimp pillows: Be it the bedroom or living room, pillows can be an amazing collection. It can add quirkiness and character to space. Any room can derive interesting texture and color with throw pillows, either blending or standing out from the existing décor. It is possible to spice up the living room’s mood and space. You can choose brightly colored colors for your interior décor and mix-match it to add sophistication to the different rooms. 
  • Art allocation: Do you plan to increase your art collection? You can enhance your condo without undertaking major redecoration simply by moving your art and artwork pieces. You can also ask your friends to trade some. Artwork in the room can set the right mood and also help brighten up space. In case, you have minimal living space, then it will be wise to hang paints with different color combinations. This can help avoid that monochromatic look. It will also inspire you to check out new textures, motifs, and looks and accentuate your space. 
  • Accessorize using smart pieces: Accessories carefully selected can enhance available space value. Mirrors can be used as wall pieces, stylish trays can hold stuff, while transformable furniture can serve dual functions. You do not need to spend a fortune to create that exciting look. 
  • New lighting: Artistic and fun lighting and not fluorescent is expensive. You can search for inexpensive options at the right places. Statement lighting fixtures do make amazing additions and can be excellent mood setters. A pendant lamp can be a playful space-saver, while a movable floor lamp is a functional and great looking statement piece. Good lighting can serve a dual purpose, namely, it can be functional and a real conversation starter. 
  • Crown moldings: You can install crown moldings to make a bold statement. With these items, you can add some detail to your condo as well as give it a refined, polished look. If molding reflects the ornateness of the simplicity of the overall interior, then you are sure to benefit from it. 

With proper planning and research, you can undertake affordable condo renovation and enhance your condo appearance.