Classic cocktails have been around for a very long time – after all, they’ve survived the test of time. When you think of cocktails, what pops into your mind?

There are a lot of great cocktails out there – but after careful consideration and plenty of taste testing, we have whittled down our favorite classic cocktail recipes to these five:

The Old Fashioned

A manhattan variation, the old-fashioned is one of the most classic cocktails. To prepare, you muddle some sugar with Angostura bitters and water in an old-fashioned glass, fill it with ice cubes, add whisky or bourbon, stir well and garnish it with a slice of orange. The aftertaste is pleasantly sharp and slightly fruity due to the orange oil present in the peel.

This drink is so versatile that many variations can be found all over the world – after all, there are no strict guidelines as to what goes into an ‘old fashioned.

The Margarita

Originating from Mexico, a margarita is prepared by mixing tequila with lime juice and either triple sec or cointreau – served on the rocks or blended as a frozen drink. It has been said that there are over 300 variations of margaritas – some with sweetened salt along the rim of the glass, some without salt at all, sour mix instead of lemon juice, etc. Most bartenders tend to agree that the margarita is one of the most versatile cocktails out there.

The Mojito

Originating from Cuba, a mojito is prepared by muddling mint leaves with sugar, adding lime juice, soda water, and white rum. The drink is usually garnished with more mint leaves along the rim of the glass. The mint is what makes this cocktail so unique – after all, it’s definitely not the first time you’ve seen mint leaves used as an ingredient in a drink! The aftertaste of this drink has been compared to green tea.

The Sazerac

Another great classic cocktail is the sazerac – mixed from rye whisky, Herbsaint (or absinthe/pastis), Peychaud’s bitters, sugar and a lemon twist. This drink was first consumed back in 1850 at the New Orleans Hotel.

Famous drinkers of the sazerac include David Bowie, Winston Churchill, and Franklin D Roosevelt. Not a bad company to be in, is it?

The Bloody Mary

Credited to George Jessel, this cocktail is made from vodka or gin mixed with tomato juice or V8, lemon juice, black pepper, white pepper, celery salt and Worcester sauce served over ice (sometimes straight up) and garnished with a celery stick and/or a lime wedge.

It is served in many bars and pubs and perhaps it’s no surprise that this cocktail has been included on countless ‘best cocktails’ lists too.

Well, there you have five of the best classic cocktails. From sour to sweet, bitter to fruity, these drinks are perfect for any occasion, even for after hours alcohol delivery. Now that you know what the classics are like, order yourself an old-fashioned or a mojito and see what all the fuss is about.