We’ve rounded up some of the funniest videos uploaded onto YouTube this week.

Hi, I’m Steve

First up, meet Steve. The graphics are horrible, the music is cheesy and the point of the video is unknown. But for some reason, myself and 2.5 million other people still watched.


Two passengers are leaving the toilet on a Virgin Atlantic flight #smilehighclub

Next up we have the video that inspired the new hashtag #smilehighclub. David Eve, a passenger on a Virgin Atlantic flight, caught a couple coming out of the restroom together. Not sure what they were doing, but I guess you can use your imagination. The Seinfeld theme song at the end puts the icing on the cake!



Doug Fernandez gives up

What makes this next video funny is that we can all relate. Everyone at some point has been at work and just felt like nothing was going right.



Reporter gets a big surprise LOL

The iron man contest described at the start of the video seemed interesting enough. But the nasty little surprise the reporter gets at about :56 is why this video is trending.