We reported on August 30th that Google Assistant was going to be available in a variety of third party speakers. Details on a Anker model were shared in this article.

Now, a whole lineup of speakers were announced today from Sony, JBL, Panasonic, Onkyo and Mobvoi. This is exciting for the Smart Home industry and specifically great news for Google.

Here are the details of some of the devices launching.

Sony LF-S50G

Sony will be launching the LF-S50G as their Google Assistant integrated Smart Speaker. It looks a bit like Apple’s HomePod and it works very similar as well, with the exception of using Google Assistant vs Siri.

Their device will feature a full-range, 360 degree speaker, subwoofer and a omnidirectional two-stage diffuser to spread sound in all directions.

The speaker will connect via Bluetooth, NFC or WiFi. It will have a built in clock, and on top of voice controls it will also use gesture controls to toggle music and volume playback. The device will also be splash-proof and feature a removable and washable grill for easy cleaning.

The LF-S50G will be out in October for $199.99.

JBL Link Series

JBL will launch three smart speakers, the Link 300, Link 20 and Link 10.

“We are thrilled to pair JBL’s incredible legacy of award winning sound with our growing line-up of voice-controlled speakers,” said Michael Mauser, President of the Lifestyle Audio Division at HARMAN. “JBL LINK is a first-class wireless smart speaker that allows consumers to entertain and enjoy world class sound in a sleek package.”

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The Link 300 is the top-of-the-line of the three, offering 50W output, the most powerful of the JBL speakers in the series. The Link 10 and Link 20 are the portable versions offering IPX7 waterproof design for outdoor enjoyment. All three will likely be marketed to leverage the Chromecast Audio function, allowing for a multi-room listening experience similar to Sonos.

JBL Link series are set to release in November.

Panasonic GA10

Panasonic will market their speaker on the emphasis of their audio quality. The speaker incorporates an eight-centimetre woofer with a dual-voice coil that Panasonic says produces a “much more robust and impressive bass sound”.

Above it are two 20-millimetre tweeters, which point outwards at a 45-degree angle to create “a wide, smooth and expansive sound effect” (source www.dezeen.com).

Panasonic has also opted to go for a more traditional speaker look to help differentiate itself from the cylindrical look that every Smart Speaker is going with.

Onkyo G3

Onkyo’s model will feature a custom woofer with a massive motor which is held in place by a thick metal surround, enabling 1.5 times the cone excursion of conventional drivers for wide-spectrum reproduction.

The speaker produces dynamic sound with taut bass and clear mid-range, with high frequencies aired by a quality soft-dome tweeter.

The Smart Speaker G3 is driven by efficient yet responsive switching amplification with dynamic noise-reduction DSP technology to assure unstrained sound at any volume (source prweb.com).

Onkyo is marketing their speaker as a “solution with authentic hi-fi credentials earned over a 70-year history”.

Mobvoi TicHome Mini

The TicHome model features a circular speaker with a 11cm diameter. It will come equipped with a 3W speaker and a dual microphone array.

Its portable design is IPX6 splash proof with a 2,600 mAh battery if you choose to take it with you on the road.

This will likely be marketed as a Echo Dot competitor in the entry level space of Smart Speakers.