Amazon Echo and Google Home are both smart speakers and devices that not only play media but also offer intelligent assistance via voice commands. However, Google home has proven to be better than Amazon Echo for several reasons.

1. Aesthetics

Unlike Amazon Echo that is a tall cylindrical tube, the Google Home’s design is beautiful and blends with the home décor. It’s not a bad idea that your personal assistant integrates into the room and adds to the aesthetics of your home. The top half of the smart speaker is usually white while the base is available in gray, marine, mango, and violet. There are also Copper, Carbon, and Snow metal bases you can purchase to fit into any space more naturally.

2. Music and Entertainment

Both Amazon Echo and Google Home can stream audio from Spotify and Pandora from your registered account. While several sources of Echo are from Amazon, Home can stream apps like Pocket Casts and all Chrome tabs through the Google’s cats feature. Moreover, you can use free Spotify accounts with Google Home but Echo is restricted to premium users.

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Both personal assistants may, sometimes, not hear keywords when streaming audio or playing music because they use the user’s voice to activate listening for commands. While playing music loudly can hinder this function, Google’s option listens better and hears better at higher decibels than Echo.

Besides, Google Home allows you to use your voice to control video on your TV via Chromecast if your phone is not available since Chromecast now uses Netflix and YouTube, and integration with Hulu and HBO Now which Amazon’s Fire TV does not have.

Personal Assistant

Both Amazon Echo and Google Home have similar features like telling you the latest news, sports scores, weather forecast, the nearest stores, and much more. However, one great service you get from having a personal assistant is the ability to control smart home appliances like lights. Both options can connect to smart lights like LIFX and Phillips Hue and control them with your voice. However, Google Home has an inbuilt Home Control in its app while Echo requires a special skills added in it’s app to be installed.

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Google Home supports multiple users (a total of six users), who can train the Home to their specific voices. This is an edge over the Echo smart speaker. Although Amazon Echo can call other Echos, Google Home performs better; in that, you can call any phone with your voice, for free since the Home makes use of VoIP in making phone calls.