Water is essential to every living creature; without it, we cannot survive. It makes about 70% of our entire body and performs several functions. One of its several functions is to aid digestion. Most times when the weather is very hot, we take cold water to cool off and also take them with our meals.  However, have you ever considered the impact of cold water on those foods you eat and your health?

Water and health are inseparable. Several studies have been conducted on this subject matter and virtually all of them proved that drinking cold water with meals is bad. A good example is a research conducted by Dr. Michael F. Picco of Mayo Clinic; Nutrition and Healthy Eating. He stated “Drinking water while eating is not encouraged in Ayurveda. If you drink a lot of water or take too much icy cold fluids, you dampen the digestive fire (or Agni) and slow down digestion.”

Cold Water

How cold water affects the overall health of the body

The effect of cold water on our health cannot be overemphasized. When you take cold water with your meal(s), it causes indigestion because the cold water will change the stability of the foods eaten, making them more tricky to digest. And without proper digestion of food , several issues can occur within the body like heart burn, swelling, irritability, tiredness, food cravings, headaches, depression and stomach upset among many others.

Another reason why it is not advisable to drink cold water with your meal is that it will solidify any oily stuff in the food you have just eaten. As soon as the resulting substance reacts with the body acid, it disintegrates and is absorbed by the intestine, thereafter lining the intestine. Before long, this transforms into fats and ultimately leads to cancer. Having cold water with your meal can likewise raise the body metabolic process, making your body to consume more energy to warm up the cold water to the body temperature.

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What is the best way to drink water?

It is recommended you drink water or other liquids about 30 minutes before eating. This gives you a feeling of satisfaction and helps you eat much less. In addition, wait at least one hour after your meal before drinking water again. To prevent digestive issues and other issues mentioned above, experts suggest you take water at room temperature. This is a good option and can be a simple, yet effortless remedy for some basic diseases.