If anyone tells you that it is easy to stop smoking, it is not absolutely true because not every smoker can quit smoking effortlessly. However, with this guide, you will know the things you can do to help you quit smoking.

Make a Quit Plan

With a good plan, it gets a lot easier to quit. You will not only get motivated and confident but also focused to quit. List all the things you like about smoking and all things you dislike about it like how it affects your health, family, work, etc. Take time to think about the list.

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Make another list of why it is difficult to quit. Next to each entry, write options for overcoming that challenge. If an entry say it helps you to deal with stress, your option may be to take a five-minute walk instead of smoking. Use the option to counter the urge to smoke.

The next step is to write all your reasons for quitting on an index card. The reasons may be for your daughter, son, husband, wife, health, etc. Keep this card near you always to serve as a reminder and motivation.

Stay Busy

One of the ways you can keep your mind off smoking is to get busy. You would be able to interrupt your cravings. You can keep yourself busy by exercising, taking a walk, chewing gum, drinking lots of water, going to a movie, keeping your hands busy with a toothpick or pen, relaxing with deep breathing, spending time with non-smoking family and friends, and going to dinner at a smoke-free restaurant.

Avoid Smoking Triggers

Triggers may be people, things, places, and circumstances that prompt the urge to smoke. Avoid them as much as possible on the day you are quitting. To help yourself, get rid of items such as ash trays, lighters, and remaining cigarettes. Avoid caffeine by drinking water instead. Hang out with non-smokers. Go to places where smoking is not allowed. Change your routine to avoid things that may point you to smoking.

Be Positive

Quitting smoking is demanding; it is a gradual process that happens one minute at a time. However, assure yourself that you can do it. Stay positive, it will not take forever. It may not be convenient on the first day; don’t worry, all that matters is that you don’t smoke – not even a puff. Reward yourself for staying off smoking for 24 hours and remind yourself why you have to stop smoking.

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Seek Help

Your personal willpower may not be enough to help you quit smoking. Inform your family and friends of your decision to quit. Ask for their support to keep an eye on you and encourage you the first few days and weeks. Let them know how they can help you and you will be amazed by their support.

Keep Going

If you have successfully stayed off smoking for 24 hours, don’t stop. You can do it! Keep following your plan and stay true to your decision. Within a short time, you will overcome the urge to smoke.