Apple held their annual special launch event in their new Steve Jobs Auditorium on Tuesday. Like past years, the Apple special event is used to announce their upcoming iPhone lineup. On top of that, they also presented a new Apple Watch, a new Apple TV and a new charging pad called AirPower.

Here are some of the key products launching from the Apple special event with a quick synopsis of each.

iPhone X

The highlight of the event was definitely the iPhone X (pronounced iPhone 10). This new iPhone is a complete redesign from previous models.

The first thing you will notice is there is no longer a home button. A swipe from the bottom of the screen will take you to the home screen. Swiping up and pausing in the middle will activate the multitask feature allowing you to switch between apps. Swiping along the bottom of the screen is another way to switch between apps. “Hey Siri” will activate your personal assistant, but pressing the side button also will get you to Siri.

Seeing that there is no home button, Touch ID will be gone. Replacing it will be a new feature called Face ID. An infrared camera, a front camera and other sensors are used to detect a persons unique face. Face ID is sophisticated enough to also distinguish your real face vs a picture and it can also recognize you regardless of glasses, a hat or even a new hairstyle.

With the same technology that uses Face ID, Apple was able to leverage it to make Animojis. They are basically 3D emojis that use your facial expressions as the emotion. Check out the video below from the presentation:

Other key highlights on the iPhone X include a dual 12 megapixel sensors with a new telephoto lens to let in more light, front and rear portrait mode capabilities, dual optical image stabilization for blur prevention, wireless charging and water resistance.

The iPhone X will be available in space gray and silver in 64GB and 256GB capacities. Orders start October 27th and shipments begin November 3rd at a starting price of $999 USD.

iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

Apple decided to skip the “s” version of their iconic phone and go straight to the 8.

The biggest change from the iPhone 7 is the glass back which allows for wireless charging. The Qi charging standard will be used on both the iPhone 8 and X to allow anyone that bought a third party wireless charger in the past to continue using with these new iPhones.

The iPhone 8 will also feature a new 12-megapixel sensor that is larger, faster, and finally has optical image stabilization. The plus version has new sensors, and offers f/1.8 and f/2.8 apertures now. The dual cameras on the 8 Plus also have a new “Portrait Lighting” feature to adjust the lighting for portrait shots. The camera improvements will also apply to video mode giving the best 4K slow motion video support possible on a smartphone.

The iPhone 8 is also being showcased as the first Smartphone to take advantage of augmented reality. The cameras are calibrated for AR, along with a new gyroscope and accelerometer for better motion tracking. Check out the video below from the event:

The iPhone 8 and 8 plus will be available in space grey, gold and silver in 64GB and 256GB capacities. Orders start September 15th with a release date of September 22nd at a starting price of $699 USD.

Apple Watch 3

The Apple special event also showed a new Apple Watch, called the Series 3, which will have cellular connectivity built-in. The Watch will be able to receive calls, using your iPhone’s number, support various apps to leverage these features, and it will  also be compatible with Apple Music, meaning you can go for a jog without your phone and enjoy features previously requiring your phone.

Starting September 22nd, the cellular version of the Series 3 Watch will go on sale for $399 USD. The non-cellular version, it will cost $329 USD. The Series 1 Apple Watch will drop in price to $249.

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Apple TV 4K

The newest version of their Apple TV will feature 4K HDR video and it will offer 4K videos via iTunes at the same price as HD. Apple also said that live news and live sports will have its own sections on the Apple TV app. A new, faster processor will be built-in allowing for better experiences as it was demonstrated at the event showing eight people online playing a video game together.

The new Apple TV 4K will go on sale September 22nd at a cost of $179USD.


To close of the Apple special event, the company announced a new wireless charging pad called the AirPower. This device is basically a mat with enough room on it it for your new iPhone, your new Apple Watch, and even AirPods with a new optional wireless charging case accessory.

AirPower will be available early next year according to Apple.