Emotional roller coasters are the worst rides in the world. If you are on such a ride, you’re happy in one moment, and within the next second, you are depressed. It’s the danger that comes, with negativity.

5 Tips to Turn Negativity to Positive Energy

1. Change Your Surroundings

The easiest thing you can do to turn negative energy to positive is to change your surroundings!

Your home can hold dark energy. How? If you have quarrels, the objects around the house absorb the energy: Objects such the walls, furniture, the carpet will soak in the energy and radiate it. Negative emotions can also give out the energy, which can remain in the objects for a long time.

You can purify the space by de-cluttering, which is getting rid of unused items that store the energy. New wallpaper or painting walls can release the energy or wind chimes can create a peaceful surrounding.

2. Use Rock Crystals and Salt Crystals

Salt crystals are known for their ability to hold negative energy. One of the most powerful salt crystals is the Pink Himalayan salt that also cleanses dark energy.

If you can’t access the Pink Himalayan salt, sea salt is also useful. Place salt bowls around your home, or sprinkle on objects like the carpet. You can also wash off the negative energy by dissolving the salt in a bucket and soaking your feet and hands.

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Rock crystals can also cleanse negative energy. The crystals are small enough to carry around in your pocket or wear as fashion accessories. The most acclaimed crystal for cleansing, use for thousands of years is the Black Tourmaline.

3. Positive Thinking

Positive thoughts are the most effective technique you can use. They create room for growth by stimulating new ideas in you.
Positive thoughts equal positive energy that enables you to move forward in your job, business or art. Being positive means in time of despair you still maintain hope for a better future.

4. Change Your Mindset

The fastest way to generate positive thoughts is to change your mind set. A mindset is the beliefs you have about yourself. They are two types of mindsets the growth mindset and the fixed mindset.

A growth mindset allows you keep moving forward when you fail. It also allows you to keep improving yourself through learning new skills, reading books or traveling the world.

A fixed mindset is the home of negative energy. It restricts you from dreaming and improving your life. Failure and fear will hold back, someone with a fixed mindset.

5. Control Your Anger

Positive Energy

Anger is an emotion with the potential of spilling over to become resentment, rage, and frustration. It’s responsible for wars, murder, home breakups among others things.

You turn anger into positive energy by using it for motivation, or by simply forgiving the person or thing causing the anger.

The bad news about negativity is that it’s unavoidable. But the good news is negative energy can become positive.