How you stage your office space is crucial to your productivity. If you want to stay motivated and well positioned for more productivity at your workplace, you need to have everything well-laid out and structured for an enhanced experience.

Here are some of the ways to stage your office to be more productive.

  1. Declutter

The first step is to get rid of items that litter up your office space. Make your office free of clutter. Put each item at the right place no matter how little. Having an organized office has a visual effect on your mental state towards creativity to implore your productivity.

How to Stage Your Office to Be More Productive-2

  1. Re-arrange Your Office

Examine your office layout relative to how you want. If your bin is far away from you always get up to throw something away, you might consider placing a trash can near your desk. Besides, if you always get up to take and replace some files, you could have two document trays on your desk place all the relevant files you will need for a day’s job to eliminate time wasted on frequent movement to and fro the document cabinet.

  1. Organize Your Desktop

Your desktop can improve or affect your level of productivity. Remove items not needed for a day’s job from your desktop. Do not clutter your desktop with unnecessary gadgets supplies. Put only the gadgets you need on your desk i.e. document tray, computer, phone, a notepad, a few pens, and a stapler.

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  1. Use Storage Container and Boxes

One of the ways to clutter your office and your desktop is not having storage boxes or containers for the items you use in your office. Create storage for every item you use in your office and ensure to return them to their storage after each use to avoid putting them on your desk or other areas within your office.

  1. Finalize Each Work Day

To keep a well-staged office to be more productive, you have to finalize each work day by sorting all work done into finished and in-progress, and return all files to their necessary folders. The in-progress work can be placed in a document tray on your desktop to be treated first the next day.

  1. Organize Your Digital Devices

Keeping your digital and electronic devices organized is also important like the hardware tools. Create folders and sub-folders and tag them according to each task. However, you must get rid of orphan folders and documents to prevent crowded desktop.

Follow the above tips regularly to keep your office well-staged and to enhance your productivity.