Congratulations on making the next step in your life, marriage! The first and most crucial step, is deciding on where to have your wedding. All of your planning is dictated on the location first and foremost.
If you do decide to have one locally, a banquet hall would most definitely be a good venue to choose.
If you want to be more bold and adventurous, a destination wedding is for you!
We’ve compiled the top wedding destinations for you to consider:

1) Aruba

Beautiful Aruba is a great Caribbean choice. This island is located south of the hurricane belt, which minimizes the danger of tropical storms ruining your big day.

Aruba is home to great beaches, lively nightlife, tons of casinos and a lot of multicultural history.

To make your wedding legal, you must hold the ceremony in city hall. Birth certificates with an apostil, passports, two witnesses with passports, and single-status reports are required.

After the legal stuff is out of the way, you can have a symbolic ceremony and reception where you please!

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2) Hawaii

Aloha from Hawaii! A Hawaiian wedding will include natural beauty, from its crystal-clear blue ocean waters to breathtaking mountain peaks and crashing waterfalls. But aside from the scenic beauty, Hawaii is home to some of the friendliest and welcoming people in the world.

A lot of the beaches in Hawaii are public, so finding a private setting for your wedding might be a challenge. One popular option is the ​Hilton Hawaiian Village in Honolulu. Not only do you get the benefits of beautiful scenery, the hotel also assists in organizing and preparing the wedding of your dreams.

5 Very Different Wedding Destination Locations

3) Belize

There are plenty of options for beach destination weddings, but if you are looking for something a bit different, give Belize a shot. Belize is home to second largest barrier reef in the world, There are plenty of private islands and beaches that can transform your wedding plans into a realty that surpasses your dreams and expectations.

If you want to get even more creative and ditch the beach, there are options to have exotic jungle weddings or to have a your special wedding day at the Maya Ruins.

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4) Colorado

If you are looking for a thinking outside of the box idea for your wedding destination, take a close like at Colorado. The incredible landscapes that Colorado has to offer can provide the breathtaking backdrops required for lasting memories in your photos.

Being immersed in the mountains and still have the amenities required for a classy wedding are available in Colorado.

Depending on the ambience that you are going for, you can achieve a lot. Winter weddings provide beautiful backdrops of the Rocky Mountains, fall weddings give you amazing colours, while summer weddings provide the perfect temperature that is comfortable but not blazing hot.

5 Very Different Wedding Destination Locations

5) Las Vegas

Often thought of as the destination to get a quick and easy wedding done, Las Vegas can actually provide the perfect environment for your dream wedding.

There are a dozen or so chapels along the Strip and hotels are getting into the act too, providing various wedding ideas that you will not soon forget. Where else can you enjoy the lively environment and have Elvis preside over your ceremony?

5 Very Different Wedding Destination Locations