Experiential marketing, also called participation marketing, is a more evolved way of advertising in which companies try to get their brand out by doing events and activities and directly involving people in their branded experience.

This can help a business by leaving a lasting impression of their brand on consumers. When someone leaves with a lasting positive view of the brand, not only did they become a potential future customer, but also became the first person in the word-of-mouth chain that they are about to start, spreading the brand and their positive experience by sharing it with family, friends, and on social media. If done properly, experiential marketing can create lifelong loyal customers and influence buying decisions of consumers.

One of the best ways to do participation marketing is at big events. Annual festivals held in Toronto and Mississauga attract hundreds of thousands of people, and create the perfect environment for different activities and experiences that bring people together.

1. Toronto


Fun for the entire family, the Canadian National Exhibition is a variety of carnival games, rides, foods, and goods and products from all over the globe. The CNE runs for 18 days, from August 17th to September 3rd.

Fan Expo Canada

Fan Expo Canada is the largest comics, gaming, and SciFi event in Canada, bringing in more than 100 thousand people through the doors of the convention centre. Perfect for participation marketing, this event runs for the last weekend of August, 30th to September 2nd.

2. Mississauga

Philippine Festival Mississauga

Phillipines Festival Mississauga is a place where you can try Filipino inspired dishes, watch live performances and join in in activities. It’s a 2 day celebration on July 7th.

Mississauga Rotary Ribfest

Exactly what it sounds like! A fun weekend of all sorts of different ribs, chicken, and other meats. Hosts many other food and non food vendors, with a main stage and live music. The event runs from July 12 – 15.

At big events like these, experiential marketing can make a significant impact on brand awareness and sales. Companies like Retailors Group help small businesses with experiential marketing by providing professional staff, data collection services, and event planning and execution. Don’t miss the next opportunity to be part of an event near you!