Getting new clients for you business can be very difficult, especially if your product or service has a long sales cycle.

In order to keep steady leads coming in, you need to develop a lead generation strategy. We have put together our list of the top 5 ways you can generate leads for your business.

1. Online Strategy

Probably the best way to get leads is to develop an online strategy.

Find a lead generation company that specializes in SEO, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, email automation and knows how to optimize your website to convert.

Your online presence should not be limited to who you are and what you do. It should be a lead generating machine if your strategy is done correctly.

2. Referrals

If you already have existing customers that are happy with your service or product, ask them for people they know that can benefit from what you do.

You can’t be shy with this one. A lot of your customers won’t go out of their way to promote your business, but if you ask and they are happy with you, you will receive!

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3. Cold Calling (B2B)

If your product or service caters to other businesses then you might want to consider cold calling.

Nobody likes being cold called nor do you probably enjoy doing cold calls. The reality is, there are a lot of businesses out there that don’t know about your company or service.

If you are able to book meetings or at the very least get the right people to learn more about you, you can potentially get more leads which will translate to more sales.

4. Direct Mail

Another strategy to try is a direct mail campaign. There are more advanced targeting options available today through your postal service.

There are many demographic categories like household age and income, or whether you want to reach houses, apartments or businesses.

5. Networking Events (B2B)

There are a ton of networking events that allow you to meet other business owners.

At a lot of these events it is a good opportunity to see if there is a fit for your product or service with other business owners.

Even if an opportunity doesn’t currently exist, it is good to get your name out there for future business.