It has been eight years since Steve Jobs stepped down and Tim Cook took the CEO position of Apple. In the last eight years, Apple has almost doubled in value and has sold millions of products around the world. As Apple’s market penetration is slowly maturing, it’s growth has started to slow down. It’s in times like this when companies start looking at their succession plan and start thinking of a suitable replacement.

Not too long ago Jony Ive’s name was in that pool of potential successors to Tim Cook, however, with his departure a new name has surfaced and is now the number 1 potential successor of Tim Cook.

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That individual is Jeff Williams, Apple’s current COO. He is described by his colleagues as a very humble and disciplined leader. He joined Apple in 1989 as the Head of worldwide procurement. Throughout the years he continued on to become the Vise President of Operations and in 2015 he was promoted to COO. Since the departure of  Jonn I’ve, the design team including, Evans Hankey and Alan Dye started reporting directly into Jeff Williams. His reputation is one of candor,  fearlessness and high standards. He is described as a good listener, always challenging the status quo and as someone who doesn’t settle.

Although there is no mention of Tim Cook leaving his position of CEO, the business world is excited to know who Apple is grooming to take on the Future CEO role.