Windows and doors are an aesthetic addition to any home but they also play a practical function. The moment your house or office starts feeling more chilly than usual, the first suspect you should consider, is a window that is letting in air. There are several factors that could result in drafty windows, from tinning caulk, cracks, and loose hinges, it could be anything really. 

Whatever the reason though, the fact remains that a drafty window could be spiking your electricity bill. So, when you start dealing with a drafty window, it is best to find a solution –and fast! The question then is, how do you fix a drafty window? Read on to find out!

1. Determine the problem area

Before you can fix a drafty window, you need to first determine the problem area. Is the drafty window a result of a broken seal, unhinged screens, or loose caulk? Check your windows, your doors, your heating system, and any other area that may be reducing the overall temperature in your home. After examining all these, you can then look through ways to fix your drafty windows. 

2. Get storm windows 

One of the best solutions to fix drafty windows is to get storm windows. These interior windows can be fitted on the existing window as a form of shield against harsh weather conditions, and, of course, draft. Installing these windows is not stressful at all, and they also provide excellent insulation. Storm windows help you with energy efficiency, without changing the aesthetics of your old windows. 

3. Apply a glaze to the panes

Windows can wear down over time due to age, weather, and other conditions. This degradation can make them become drafty. To fix it, simply remove the old glazing putty, and replacing it with fresh glazing material is a quick fix that actually works, and doesn’t cost a lot! It improved the insulation qualities of your window to help against the draftiness.

4. Cover all cracks 

If you can’t afford a complete replacement, you can try a DIY trick of covering the cracks with nail polish as a temporary solution. Applying multiple coats of nail polish serves as a sealant until you can get a long-lasting fix or replacement windows.

5. Insulating film wraps 

You can use film wraps to cover your windows, especially in seasons when you may not open your window at all. The double-sided tapes of film wraps protect your windows against the weather elements. These film wraps help to reduce draftiness and maintain the condition of your window.  

If your windows are in an overall bad condition, hire a windows and doors company to install replacement windows!  You can save energy and expenses by having the job done right!