At the start of May we got word that LG might be working on a mini version of its flagship LG G6 phone – one that would reduce the screen size from 5.7 inches to 5.4 inches, and keep the 18:9 aspect ratio – but back then we weren’t sure whether the project was still alive or had been abandoned by LG.

Enter one of our favorite (and most reliable) phone tipsters, Evan Blass, who this weekend tweeted confirmation that the phone is real. It’s apparently now looking for regulatory approval and will be called the LG Q6.

Blass also reveals that the phone will be downgraded to a single 13MP camera and will come with 3GB of RAM on board. The screen aspect ratio, meanwhile, will get a slight tweak to 18.5:9 – almost the same as the LG G6, but exactly the same as the ratio Samsung used in the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus this year.

Unfortunately we don’t get any mention of any other specs, so we’re left to guess – presumably the phone is going to come with the same Snapdragon 821 processor as its immediate predecessor, even if the rest of the specs (and price) get chopped down.

Only one camera lens means none of the wide-angle trickery of the full LG G6 but we’re thinking that most people can probably live without that in return for saving a bit of cash. We’re hoping that the bezels are just as squeezed on the new handset, but we’ll have to wait on see on that and many other details.

LG has released mini versions of its phones in the past and obviously feels it’s one way to pick up some traction in a market dominated by Samsung and Apple in terms of sales – as well as appealing to those with smaller hands, obviously. As and when we hear anything else about the LG Q6, we’ll let you know.