Like many Americans the iPhone 8 and 8+ launch drove me into my local mall to check out Apple’s newest offerings. While chatting with the sales guy about some of the latest features I heard a soft spoken female voice say “it’s not going to fit, it’s just too big”. For reasons, I don’t think I need to explain I turned my attention in her direction to see (what I assume was her boyfriend) putting a Note 8 in the front pocket of his skinny jeans and with a big grin replying, “it may be a tight fit, but I knew it would go”.

Observing this interaction it got me think, how big can our smartphones get?


Not that long ago, when Blackberry was king of the smartphone market most of the cellphone manufacturers were battling to make the smallest cellphone in the market. Today the opposite holds true. You don’t need to look far for recent examples. Two titans in the smartphone market, Apple and Samsung both offered up their latest devices this month. Here is a size comparison between the iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, and the Galaxy Note 8.

iPhone 8 Plus iPhone X Galaxy Note 8
Dimensions 158.4mm x 78.1 x 7.5mm 143.6mm x 70.9 x 7.7mm 162.5mm x 74.8 x 8.6 mm
Screen Size 5.5 inch 5.8 inch 6.3 inch


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See more, read more. With a larger screen you are able to display more text, charts and images while reading the latest article on, or reviewing your sales presentation minutes before stepping in to that big meeting.

Get a better view of what you are taking pictures of. Even though screen size has no bearing on the quality of photos you take, it does allow for you to have a clearer view of what you are capturing.

A bigger screen also means a bigger keyboard, resulting in a faster more accurate typing experience.

Last longer, with a larger device comes the space for a larger capacity battery which in turn gives you more time between charges.


Size, Size, Size. Carrying around a 6.4 inch device comes with some complications, it may not fit in your front pant pocket. It will need to be put in the back pocket, or a jacket pocket, or a purse when you travel about.

Can’t thumb your way through it. One handed operation may not be possible, try stretching your thumb across a 6 inch screen and taping the opposite corner while trying not to drop the device or touch another part of the screen with your palm. Not an easy task to accomplish.

Hold on to that phone. If you can’t get a good onehanded grip on the device, the more likely you are to have the device slip from your hands leading to potential damage to the device.

Bluetooth anyone? You can’t help but look silly holding a phone that covers your entire face. Better yet try using your peripheral vision with a 6 inch device attached to your ear.

Wait what was I doing in the mall again? That’s right iPhone 8 launch. I guess like many Apple fans I got distracted and did not pick up Apples newest offering.