It started when Jeffree Star, make-up vlogger, criticized Kim’s new make-up line.

Kardashian’s fans attacked Star on Twitter for his take on the new palette, and some of the remarks also pointed to racist remarks the make-up vlogger made in the past.

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Kardashian then told her fans to stop and shared several videos in his support in which she said, “I see you being so petty, bringing up things in his past where he, you know, was negative, but he’s also apologized for those things,”, referring to the racist comments Star made in 2004 and for which he apologized in June of this year. “I get that it’s a serious deal if you say, like, racial things, but I do believe in people changing and people that apologize, I will give them the benefit of the doubt.”

Kardashian then assured fans that she would never support a racist person. “I want to make one last thing clear: I do not defend people that are racist and I am very against it,” she told her Snapchat followers. “But if someone claims that they have changed, I would love to give them the benefit of the doubt and I pray to God that they do change for the sake of my children and my friends.”

Kim received a lot of backlash from her comments and issued an apology to her fans on Tuesday.

“I really wanted to apologize to you guys and my fans for defending a situation yesterday that I really didn’t know enough about,” she said in several Snapchat videos. “I just feel a bit naïve and I do want to really apologize for me feeling like I had the right to say, ‘Get over it,’ in a situation that involves racism. I don’t really feel like I have the right to speak on that. … I really am sorry and I just want to move forward and be positive.”