Whether you start dancing and singing along when Despacito comes on or you roll your eyes because it was the tenth time you heard it that day, you cannot deny that this song has taken the world by storm.

Every talented person is taking the opportunity to showcase their skills with this song.

Below, we compiled the best cover performances on YouTube.

Best Male Solo

There weren’t too many male solo covers that caught our attention, but this version by Igor Barbosa blew us away. His version captures both Justin Bieber and Luis Fonsi lyrics perfectly.


Best Female Solo

There were a ton of female covers of the hit song. After watching them all we came down to these three from Xandra Garsem, Natalie Valerin and Nicole Cross.


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Best Duet

This next cover is probably the most popular one on YouTube. This duet is performed by Madilyn Bailey and Leroy Sanchez and has over 4 million views already at the time this article was produced.


Best Acapella

Aula39 is a quartet famous for their acapella covers on songs. Their version of Despacito is by far the best version of an acapella on YouTube.


Best No-Lyrics Version

Another famous YouTube duo known for making instrumental covers of songs using a cello. Their Despacito cover already has over 4 million views when this article was produced.